“We Saw Something on your Mammogram”

Those few words can bring a flood of noise and fear, which is often worsened by the cold confusion of medical terminology.  It’s hard to listen at this moment. Especially to words you can’t understand.At ADVOCATE, we don’t highlight many products, however, this book could be very helpful to some mammogram patients. As a board-certified oncologist and hematologist, Dr. “Joe” Hofmeister saw this first hand with his patients, and created a new way into this journey for thousands of women, caregivers, and medical professionals, through the powerfully simple analogies of his best-selling book, How Breast Cancer is Like a Dandelion.

With the help of a team of medical experts, writers, and designers, this new book on breast cancer puts a new, creative spin on the meaning of “medical book.” Throughout the book, analogies are used to explain the complex medical terminology and concepts of a breast cancer diagnosis and its treatment. The approach helps break down the “medical gibberish” into something that is understandable. Click here to view Dr. Joe’s website.

Beyond the patient-friendly language, the book’s design and layout have a calming effect that allows the reader to better grasp the information during such a frightening time. The book has the power to make a big difference in the lives of patients and their family and will revolutionize the approach to patient education. Contact the author directly at Joe@DrJoeExplains.com.

Best regards,
Kirk Reinitz, CPA