UPDATE: Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services Accreditation for Non-Hospital Providers

Under CMS’s original advanced diagnostic imaging (ADI) services accreditation requirements (see ADVOCATE eNews dated 4/11/2011), providers were required to manually enter every CPT code along with the equipment model numbers for all ADI equipment if they were billing for the technical component. According to the May 17th CMS open door forum call, it was announced that CMS will no longer require providers to enter any CPT codes or equipment model information. CMS will instead obtain the information needed from each provider’s respective accreditation organization.

In addition, CMS is doing away with specialty code 95 (Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation) that was going to be required to accompany the technical portion of ADI claims. Going forward CMS is going to alter the CMS-855 forms and PECOS to require providers to indicate whether or not they bill for the technical component of ADI services, although it is unclear when this change will take place.

In summary, if your practice is accredited for ADI services with one of the three approved accreditation organizations, no further action is needed.

ADVOCATE will continue to provide updates as they become available.

With best regards,
Chris Brewer
Practice Manager