• “The conversion to ADVOCATE has been well-handled, relatively seamless, without any loss of revenue. Switching billing companies is always a complex decision, however Advocate’s transition team did an excellent job and got us started off on the right track.

    Greg Bruno, MD, Jackson Radiology Associates
  • "We selected ADVOCATE because of their radiology market expertise, their high level of systems expertise and their ability to help, develop and execute our business plan. The overwhelming satisfaction expressed by a large number of ADVOCATE's clients played a major role in seeking ADVOCATE’s help and expertise to face the uncertain future years."

    Balu S. Mani, M.D., MBA - South Atlanta Radiology Associates
  • “ADVOCATE delivered exactly what they promised, a smooth transition and immediate improvements. Going with ADVOCATE was the best decision I made as President of HPRA.”

    Rahul Mehta, M.D. - High Plains Radiological Association
  • "We have been completely impressed with ADVOCATE’s responsiveness, professionalism and knowledge of the industry. They have positively impacted every aspect of our practice."

    Cindy Keesee - High Plains Radiological Association
  • “ADVOCATE represented everything we needed to equip the practice to meet the changes of a rapidly changing healthcare environment. We are confident that we are now properly equipped to face the challenges of the future."

    Jong Kim, M.D. - Doctors Imaging Group
  • “ADVOCATE not only delivered on the revenue projection provided, they also were instrumental in starting our new practice and have been a trusted advisor ever since. Their denial management system is light years ahead of what others offer.”

    Bradley Brobeck, M.D. - Coastal Radiology Associates
  • “ADVOCATE delivered what they promised. Collections increased 24% in the first 12 months, which is higher than what they projected. From day one they have been a respected advisor and an integral part of our management team. Management reporting and custom reporting options are prompt and accurate.”

    Richard Battista - Radiology & Imaging Specialists
  • “ADVOCATE’s transition of our internal billing operation to ADVOCATE’s proprietary revenue cycle management system was flawless. ADVOCATE worked with us to develop a technology model that delivered the functionality needed to run our business.”

    Josh Newfield - Washington Open MRI
  • “ADVOCATE streamlined our billing process, dovetailed with our current technology and delivered the results they promised. Their coding and dictation feedback have made a measurable difference in our revenue. ”

    Justin Lamb, M.D. - Mountain Valley Imaging
  • “After considerable review of what improvements needed to be addressed in our billing, service and reporting processes, we found that ADVOCATE provided us with the communication and dedicated billing services to secure the financial support of our practice. We look forward to building a long term relationship with ADVOCATE.”

    Jim Vasquez - Northern Arizona Radiology
  • “ADVOCATE’S attention to detail and follow-through has had a positive impact on our practice. We now manage the accounts receivable function proactively instead of constantly reviewing historical information.”

    Scott Logan, M.D. - Southern Ohio Radiologists
  • “ADVOCATE was the best decision RPA ever made. The transition to them was flawless, collections were up immediately and every aspect of the billing and coding process was improved from day one. ADVOCATE came in and did what they said they would do.”

    Sam Merandi - Radiological Physician Associates, Inc.