Radiology Resource Management (RRM) Services

Radiology Resource Management

Industry experts agree that imaging reimbursement will continue to come under downward pressure.  ADVOCATE’s billing services are known for revenue maximization, however, with CPT coding changes and government cuts in reimbursement, there is continued pressure on top line revenue.  RRM™ offers a solution to maintain income through cost reduction.  ADVOCATE’s RRM™ is unmatched in accessibility and quality.

After a thorough analysis of today’s medical imaging industry, we have identified the most significant costs associated with operating private radiology groups and have created business solutions to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness.  The services, collectively called Radiology Resource Management (RRM™), offer in-depth cost effective solutions for the nation’s radiology practices.

We have developed business solutions that help groups be more profitable today and position them for the future of healthcare.  The key market drivers our services will support are physician income maintenance through practice cost reduction, benefiting from ACO Practice Models, and physician efficiency through advanced PACS applications.

“ADVOCATE’s RRM™ creates competitive advantages in the delivery of imaging services for private practice radiology groups.  We are pleased that our methodical and systematic research and design has resulted in such a useful service line the industry”, said Reinitz.

Some of the services offered through RRM™ include:

Group Purchasing Services
Malpractice Insurance
Health Insurance
Medical Supplies
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Purchases

Business Technology Services
PACS Resources
Teleradiology Common Work-list Technology

Business Management Services
Accountable Care Organizations
EHR Stimulus Dollars

These services compliment ADVOCATE’s industry leading billing and practice management services and will further help radiology groups to be successful by improving cash flows and reducing administrative costs and burdens.