Learn all the details about what ADVOCATE has to offer in our library of industry-specific literature highlighting the commitment ADVOCATE has made to providing products and services that best serve today’s practicing radiologist.  Our literature serves as a comprehensive reference guide to the industry that combines industry insight with practical easily applied suggestions to improve your bottom line.  The healthcare industry faces continuous challenges and this free resource can help you navigate the issues impacting your practice today.

With Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate defeated, what can providers expect?

Providers participating in Medicare rejoiced nationwide at the news that Congress and President Obama had finally repealed the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) in early 2015. But those providers not familiar with the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) may not have completely understood what they were celebrating.


Leadership Trumps Everything

Good leaders have a pervasive, overwhelmingly obsessive, almost pathological will to attain their vision; it is almost an involuntary behavior. Leaders need to be addicts when it comes to communicating their vision, making decisions, and getting meaningful, substantive, real things done.


A Guide to Rad Practice Revenue

Most poor revenue performance confronted by radiologists and radiology business professionals originates from weaknesses in the overall base design of the billing system. We’ll look at the design of the revenue-generating infrastructure of radiology practices.


All about Compliance Plans

Although traditional healthcare compliance plans resulted from government settlements with non-compliant entities, today’s compliance plans are mandatory programs geared toward prevention rather than correction.


Unbilled Procedures Equal Lost Revenue

Unless your practice performs regular procedure count verification to audit the capture of billing data, you are most likely losing billable exams and revenue. At ADVOCATE, we request each client hospital provide not only electronic billing data but also electronic files, separate from the billing process.