Proposed 2014 CPT Changes

ACR has announced expected CPT changes for 2014.  Of the proposed 31 new procedure codes for 2014 that directly pertain to radiology, 26 codes are the result of bundling requests from the Relative Value Scale Update Committee’s (RUC) Relativity Assessment Workgroup (RAW).

Code pairs identified as being performed together 75 percent of the time or more and therefore considered by the CPT Editorial Panel for bundling in 2014, included abscess drainage, breast biopsy, embolization and intravascular stent procedures.

Radiology practices that utilize ADVOCATE’s services will be informed as to how the following procedures are coded currently and how the bundled changes will impact their practices in 2014. Below you’ll find an overview of potential changes for 2014.

 Break Away from the Static

Abscess Drainage
Drainage codes 49021, 49041, 49061 are typically billed with supervision and interpretation code 75989 and meet the 75% threshold.  Look for a CCI edit to bundle 75989 in 2014.

Breast Biopsy
Breast biopsy codes 77031, 77032, 76098, 19103, 19290, and 19295 were also caught in the 75% threshold.  Look to see revamping with new CPT codes that will include biopsy procedure, imaging guidance, localization device and radiograph specimen. 

Embolization codes 37204, 75989, and 75898 also met the 75% threshold.   New codes will include emoblization and occlusion procedures.

Intravascular Stent
Stent placement codes 37205, 37206, 37207, 37208 met the 75% threshold as well.  Look for new codes to include stent placement, supervision and interpretation, along with angioplasty when completed in the same vessel.

You may access the complete list of potential CPT changes here.

Please remember the above is not finalized and any future meetings held by the editorial panel may have an impact with 2014 changes.  ADVOCATE will continue to monitor and provide updates when available.

Best Regards,

Jennifer Bash, RHIA, CPC, CIRCC, RCC
Coding & Documentation Education Manager

Debby Crow, CPC, RCC, ROCC
Coding & Documentation Education Manager