Physician Quality Reporting System 2013: Do you know the risk of non-participation?

Any practice that has been procrastinating with regard to their implementation of the Physician Quality Report System program would be well advised to stop stalling and start participating.

The PQRS program is here to stay. And to avoid financial penalties of 1.5% of Medicare payments in 2015, eligible providers must begin reporting on PQRS measures in 2013. In other words, CMS will automatically decrease all Medicare payments by 1.5% in 2015 for any provider who does not participate in PQRS in 2013. The 2016 financial penalty will be 2.0% of Medicare payments. It is also worth noting that these penalties apply to all Medicare payments, not just the payments associated with the PQRS measures.

Fortunately, over the past several years, the requirements to participate in PQRS have decreased and the measure choices for radiologists have increased. Specifically, for claims-based PQRS reporting (the best choice for most radiology groups), radiologists must successfully report on three measures for 50% of the applicable studies in that measure. Prior to 2011, the 50% reporting threshold was at 80%. Additionally, the applicable radiology measures have increased from two in 2007 to nine in 2013.

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