Radiology Management Case Studies

The first element to reduce cost is to understand what money is being spent and why, as well as how much something should cost. Improving cost management and control processes is essential to changing the way money is spent. Read on to see how ADVOCATE has worked with their client’s to help identify the critical steps for financial success.

  • Sunshine Radiology – Case Study

    2013 was a big year for Sunshine Radiology (SUN), as they were expanding to three hospitals.  As a result, they chose to partner with ADVOCATE Radiology Billing & Reimbursement specialists, a national billing company that specializes solely in Radiology.


  • Radiological Physicians Associates – Case Study

    Radiological Physicians Associates, Inc. (RPA) was not satisfied with their billing vendor and decided that they would either bring the billing function in house or change to a new billing vendor. The key was finding the right partner and a company that would bring a lot to the table, but also be flexible enough to compliment RPA's unique business model. Click to read how ADVOCATE'S proven approach helped to change the way RPA does business.

  • Radiology & Imaging Specialists of Lakeland – Case Study

    Radiology & Image Specialists of Lakeland (RIS) is one of Florida's largest and most respected radiology groups and has provided imaging services for more than 30 years. However, in 2008 the RIS team found that revenue was declining. RIS came to the conclusion that the time was right to pursue a new billing service - an innovative, fast-reacting billing provider. ADVOCATE was the answer.